Our Process

L•W•Foote Company distinguishes itself with a rigorous and systematic search process that enables us to identify, attract, qualify and recruit the most suitable candidates. Although the process is tempered by our principals’ insight and judgment, the core methodology is repeatable, measurable and consistently successful.

The initial phases of the process achieve aggressive market penetration. After establishing the criteria for choosing and evaluating candidates, we conduct in-depth research and painstaking sourcing, including making inquiries within a vast network of personal contacts. For a typical assignment, our principals may contact 200 or more people. From this, potential candidates emerge, many who may not be actively searching for a new position, i.e., passive candidates. When you work with L•W•Foote Company, the leadership of your industry will be made aware of your open position, as well as individuals responsible for similar functions in other markets.

Through thorough candidate evaluation and validation, L•W•Foote Company’s principals narrow the pool to those who best fit the position, and actively participates in final selection and compensation negotiation. Our conclusive project consulting is not complete until the candidate is onboard and you are satisfied.

Our Rigorous Process

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